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Hummingbirds of the Caribbean Sea

Hummingbirds exist only in the Western Hemisphere, with nearly half of the species living in the "equatorial belt," between 10 degrees north and south of the equator. Hummingbirds comprise the family Trochilidae, among the smallest of birds, with most species measuring in the 3"-5" range.

These tiny birds can be found in North America, Central America, and South America.

The islands of the Caribbean Sea are also home to many species of hummingbirds, some listed below. Hummingbirds are found on numerous islands, such as Jamaica, Cuba, Tobago, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Barbados and others. Trinidad alone has upwards of 19 species! And places like the Asa Wright Nature Centre and at the gardens at Yerette in Trinidad & Tobago offer opportunities to see large numbers of hummingbird species.

  • Amethyst Woodstar Hummingbird
  • Antillean Crested Hummingbird
  • Antillean Mango Hummingbird
  • Bahama Woodstar Hummingbird
  • Bee Hummingbird Hummingbird
  • Black-throated Mango Hummingbird
  • Blue-headed Hummingbird
  • Blue-tailed Emerald Hummingbird
  • Brown-violetear Hummingbird
  • Copper-Rumped Hummingbird
  • Cuban Emerald Hummingbird
  • Glittering-throated Hummingbird
  • Green-breasted Mango Hummingbird
  • Green Hermit Hummingbird
  • Green Mango Hummingbird
  • Green-throated Carib Hummingbird
  • Green-throated Mango Hummingbird
  • Hispaniolan Emerald Hummingbird
  • Inagua Woodstar Hummingbird
  • Jamaican Mango Hummingbird
  • Little Hermit Hummingbird
  • Long-gilled Starthroat Hummingbird
  • Plain-capped Starthroat Hummingbird
  • Puerto Rican Emerald Hummingbird
  • Purple-throated Carib Hummingbird
  • Rufous-Breasted Hummingbird
  • Rufous-shafted Woodstar Hummingbird
  • Streamertail Hummingbird
  • Tufted Coquette Hummingbird
  • Vervain Hummingbird
  • White-chested Hummingbird
  • White-necked Jacobin Hummingbird
  • White-tailed Goldenthroat Hummingbird
  • White-tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird

Map of the Caribbean Sea

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