Hummingbird Central

Policies for Submitting a Hummingbird Sighting

With hummingbirds reaching their northernmost breeding grounds in the Canadian provinces such as Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and British Columbia, we ended our mapping project for 2023 on May 14, 2023.

If you still wish to submit a sighting past that date, it will be received and kept for historical purposes, but will not be posted to a migration map.


Note the following policies regarding hummingbird sighting reports:

  • We do not publish names or e-mail addresses or exact physical address on our map, just a city and state, and sighting details.
  • Sightings posted to the map do not represent exact locations, addresses or coordinates; sightings are often placed on the map near center-city.
  • In situations where multiple sightings are reported for a single location, only one sighting will be placed on the map.
  • Sightings are not posted immediately, but normally within several days.
  • Due to the volume of sightings reported, our limited staff, and our inability to fit all sightings on our map, we are not able to post every report.
  • Priority is given to posting sightings along the leading edge of the migration.

I understand the policies about reporting a hummingbird sighting